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TVSG & FBH (U.S. Subsidiary) Full Terms & Conditions
Website Construction/Maintenance & Hosting

This document outlines the Terms & Conditions and Terms of Service that all clients and associated bodies are expected to follow. TVSG reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions and (or) services packages without prior notice.

Hosting Service Abuse

We reserve the right to terminate any account without prior warning for one or more of the following reasons: -

  • Repeated failure to comply with billing regulations.
  • You inform us you wish to cancel service with TVSG.
  • Inappropriate, illegal or illegitimate material is being displayed on your website.
  • Your account is being used as a means of distributing SPAM E-Mail or malicious material.
  • Repeated failure to introduce appropriate security measures that could lead to server attacks (only applies to self managed accounts).

We reserve the right to suspend any account without prior warning for one or more of the following reasons: -

  • Failure to comply with billing regulations or in the occurrence of a billing dispute.
  • If any third party script being executed on your account is detrimental to overall server performance.
  • If your account is open to leaching.
  • Repeated failure to introduce appropriate security measures that may allow access to sensitive parts of the server (only applicable to self-managed accounts).

Domain Registration/Renewals

TVSG is under no obligation to ensure the automatic renewal of a customer’s domain or hosting. The client is kept informed of current domain status and notified repeatedly as the date of expiry approaches. Domains renewed anytime after the date of expiry are subject to a £50 pullback and reintegration charge for each domain name. Any attempts to renew domains more than 30 days after expiry can incur additional charges.

All registered domain names are bound to TVSG for a minimum 12-month period:

Any client wishing to transfer their domain name and (or) hosting to another provider must settle any outstanding hosting or domain payments on their account before the Transfer Authorization Code is released and the domain is unlocked. If a website is being transferred to another host, the client is required to ensure any design work or maintenance charges have been covered. TVSG will assist in any transfers. TVSG is not responsible or obligated to refund payments if the transferred website does not function correctly on the new host platform.

Updates & Maintenance

TVSG is under no obligation to moderate updates you may wish to make to your website or Control Panel configuration… Customers are advised; any damage to a website that could occur during an update or modification of code is by no means the responsibility of the host (web.vossservices.com). If the damage is extensive it is possible to retrieve a working copy of any section from our archives that can be applied to your account… Please note our archives may not be completely up-to-date (if you modify your website) and your site may revert to an older version. We also advise that database modifications are made at a client’s own risk. It is STRONGLY recommended; FULL backups of all SQL Databases are made before any work is started… Please note: Any work taking place to repair damage for which TVSG is not accountable will be charged according to the work band the nature of the task most closely relates to.

Website and hosting updates are separated into different bands according to their nature – listed below: -

Band A – Full Website re-design and account purge

Band B – Additional scripts or script modification

Band C – Full Content Update

Band D – Minor text based content modification

Band E – TVSG Mandatory Updates

Band F – Urgent Repair

Band G – Repair at next available maintenance check.

Bands D and E are not subject to charge as they are covered by your hosting payment(s).

Band G will not be charged but covers very minor alterations at your request during a maintenance check.

Band E

This band refers to any updates TVSG may make to the server to greater improve your service… This can include minor security updates; CPanel upgrades or more reliable SPAM filters. The client will not be informed about most changes, but only those that directly affect them. The client will also be informed if they need to opt in to take advantage of an update.

Band F

Band F may be subject to charge if changes have been made to your account that cause your website to cease functioning properly. If however you find a problem with your website that has been caused by a member of TVSG maintaining/working on your account, the issue will be resolved without charge.

Domain Transfers to TVSG

Domains can be transferred to TVSG at any time although; you must allow at least 5 days for the transfer to fully complete. Domains transferred to TVSG will be charged at standard rates per unit. As soon as the transfer is complete, DNS settings will be changed allowing your website/account index (if you have one) to propagate normally, which should take anything from 2 minutes to 24 hours.

Design/Proof & Approval

Similar overall methods are used for a vast majority of our work; therefore, the proofing procedure is much the same. Although we work very closely with all clients to ensure satisfaction, we are not obligated to generate more than three designs free of charge. Any design rejected by a client is archived and the design then becomes available for purchase by others.

As soon as a design is approved, it will be refined to greater meet the clients’ requirements, however, after the design has been finalized and (or) approved by the client, a small fee is charged each time we are asked to amend your proof. In addition, if the design is sliced and prepared for deployment, you will be charged in accordance with the fact the flat may need to be re-sliced.

Downtime and Updates

Your account may experience minimal downtime as a result of server updates or technical issues, or errors that can occur randomly over the Internet or with your ISP. Our uptime percentage is very high. You will NOT be compensated for any downtime as we try to ensure updates are processed during hours that do not affect business times for each time zone. TVSG is also under no obligation to inform you by default of any upcoming updates or changes we make to the servers or your package… Most updates are also processed without clients knowledge and result in no downtime.

Refunds and Cancellations

We offer a maximum 14 day cooling off period for any monthly or annual service agreement cancellations. We will not be able to process a refund after the 14 day period has elapsed, but your services will remain active throughout the life of the term or if you give us your written instructions to terminate accounts or services. Terminated accounts are not subject to refund.

If your account is suspended or terminated because of failure to rectify re-occurring security issues on your self-managed account, you will not be entitled to any sort of refund or compensation.  

Unlimited Bandwidth

TVSG offers “unlimited bandwidth” that is subject to a fair usage policy… A maximum of 2 – 5, 10 or 15 GB will be applied to your account upon registration depending on your package, overall usage and expected traffic…

Once bandwidth levels are exceeded, TVSG is will not reinstate your account and allow traffic until you make an application to increase bandwidth. The website will display a Bandwidth Exceeded page until the start of the following month.

General usage is estimated based on the number of hits we expect your website to receive over a 12 month period… TVSG regularly monitors traffic for security and to ascertain whether or not you may be exceeding bandwidth allowances. If your needs change, you MUST inform us no less than 1 month before you are expecting to reach your quota.

Clients on the Dynamic Plan will have their bandwidth quota regulated and increased if caps are reached. Dynamic Plan customers are still subject to the fair usage policy.


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